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Flap Positioning System

Flap Positioning System

Finally! One-touch, hands-free, safe flap positioning!

Flying in the landing pattern requires focus and attention - you canít afford to be staring at your flaps during this critical phase of flight. The Flap Positioning System provides a safe, one-touch solution to flap management.

Flap positions are pre-selected with one touch then automatically retracted with one touch without the need for visual monitoring of flap positioning progress. RV-10 and RV-14 models support reflex flap settings. Two position switch provides for automatic stops at mid and full flap extension, while the three position switch stops at approach, mid and full flap extension. Flaps retract with one touch, then shut off automatically. Infinite flap positions can be selected while the FPS is retracting. Fast simple bolt-on installation, no programming required and no additional components to out-source.

The FPS is designed for all models of Vanís Aircraft with electrically actuated flaps. Comprehensive step-by-step instructions provide a thoroughly tested install procedure in a minimal amount of time.


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FPS-E3 (RV-4,6,7,9)Three Position

FPS-R3 (RV-8) Three Position

FPS-E4 (RV-10) Three Position

FPS-R4 (RV-14) Three Position


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