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Fast Back Conversion Kit

Fast Back Conversion KitFast Back Conversion Kit

The Fast Back, an all new appearance for the Vanís aircraft RV-8 and 8A. Designed to improve the appearance, airflow efficiency and cockpit ergonomics with the ease of construction in mind.

Tilt-over canopy design allows for unrestricted forward visibility, makes it easier to enter and exit the cockpit, improves cockpit ventilation while taxying and has a removable instrument access cover that allows a clear view for maintenance.

The new Fast Back style turtle deck gives the aircraft itís unique profile, and also creates a more efficient path for the air to follow. The composite canopy frame is constructed using a heat cured epoxy pre-impregnated fiberglass cloth with a honey comb core.

The canopy glass is standard RV-8.

The complete modification kit consists of three new aluminum bulkhead halves, aft skin, cockpit rails, instrument panel gussets and a forward skin doubler. Fiberglass components include canopy frame, internal bulk-heads, instrument access cover and passenger seat top. Plus hinge, internal and external handles, latch mechanism, gas strut and hardware are included. Engineered for fast construction all components are pre-cut and formed for assembly, construction requirements are among standard building procedures.

This modification was engineered to be completed on standard or quick-build aircraft.


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Part Number: FB-8




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